Gift voucher 20 euros


Gift voucher 20 euros

Si vous achetez ce produit, vous gagnerez 200 Points de fidélité qui valent 1,00!


You do not know which voucher to offer ?
Offer gift vouchers to your friends! They are usable in the Hammam Pacha of Paris
Dimensions: 17,5 X 8 cm

The gift vouchers exist in 10 €, 20 € and 50 €.

Offer a present of the amount which pleases you !

Minimum order : 50 € per shipping

Conditions of use :
Each gift voucher usable in only once is neither refundable, nor exchangeable and is valid only in Hammam Pacha of Paris
No financial counterpart could be granted in exchange of this gift voucher and no currency could be returned during its use.
It can be neither replaced nor refunded in the event of loss or of flight or with the expiry of its validity date.

The gift vouchers are valid 1 year.

Once your order is complete, you’ll receive an e-mail and can print your gift coupons