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Hammam Pacha

Open the door to well-being


- Hammam Pacha -

Hygiene, tranquillity, treatments and d

Our hammam

The left bank opens its doors to well-being, warmth and escape. An exotic experience in the purest mediterranean tradition awaits you in this charming district, 17, Rue Mayet, in the 6th arrondissement. Enter the Hammam Pacha is plunging into an exceptional universe. We discover with amazement this oasis of serenity, to the delight of the eyes and body.

Exclusively for women

Inside the hammam, you can either be naked or wear a sarong or swimming costume,  except for in the restaurant, where you must wear your bathrobe.

Temperature in the hammam:

Resting area: 25

Welcome to a different world…

Far away from the hustle and bustle


Satisfaction rate


Our clients’ satisfaction is what motivates us every day.


The opinions left on social media or specialist sites like TripAdvisor are not at all reliable,
because anyone can post a review without even being a client.


Competitors, trolls and professional whingers revel in this,
as we can all see on the internet.


That’s why we asked our real clients to respond to an anonymous satisfaction questionnaire on leaving our establishment.


The results are therefore reliable and enlightening. In the space of 17 months,

2,394  real clients responded to this questionnaire.

More than  99% of our clients recommend Hammam Pacha to their friends!


We would be delighted if you were to become our next satisfied client.

You can count on our team’s determination to do everything possible to continue improving our services.


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