Catering Service

You can now reserve and pay by your tajine Hammam Pacha takeaway


For less than 10 tagines
Get up to 15 oclock to take in the afternoon

For more than 10 tagines: Order the day ahead

pick up your takeway at Hammam Pacha:
until 22h on Thursday and Friday
until 19:30 Sunday to Wednesday
(Noon the following day for orders placed after 15h)

In the comment box on the next page, thank you to indicate the date and time that you will takeaway your meals.

You can also call Hammam Pacha opening hours at 01 43 06 55 55

NB: In case of cancellation of order, thank you to prevent the earliest on Hammam Pacha. Any order not canceled 24 hours before the scheduled date will be charged 100%